"LAUNCHED"        Artist, Marsha Klein with her painting, "Dreamers #9 - Unveiling"       Photo Portrait by CM ILLGEN     2018

   "LAUNCHED"        Artist, Marsha Klein with her painting, "Dreamers #9 - Unveiling"       Photo Portrait by CM ILLGEN     2018


Mystery, Symbol, Dream, Raw Vision, Soul Food
    Art contains me as sanctuary and vehicle, providing the opportunity to develop an expressive visual language of my life's experience. Using the body as metaphor to address the human psyche, my work is rich in content with strong archetypal and biomorphic images. As a conduit for the collective unconscious, I integrate mythological references into my personal imagery. Although my initiating impetus is often rooted in the personal, the completed works speak to the universal, reflecting larger concerns with the soul of humanity and our severely impacted natural environment.
    Usually working in series, each piece captures a still moment in an unfolding progression. Recording a waking dream, I proceed intuitively. My raw approach presents an unexpected juxtaposition of images. Exploring seeming dualities of containment/expansion, layered/unveiling, hidden/visible, rooted/transcendent,  I play on the unexpected, exquisite edge of darkness and light.


Marsha Klein's art is full of energy and the raw vision of a waking dream. Klein’s art career has spanned nearly fifty years creating bold, expressive oil paintings and organic ceramic sculpture. Her passion for art began as a teenager when she discovered the art museums of her native New York City. Klein majored in art and art history at Brooklyn College and University of California, Berkeley, where she studied drawing with R.B. Kitaj and ceramics with Peter Voulkos and Ron Nagle at the peak of the Bay Area Figurative Movement, receiving her B.A. in 1968. In her early sculpture, she responded literally to the emphasis on bodies in connection to nature. After twenty years spent focusing on sculpture, in 1989, she returned to painting, using the body as metaphor to address the human psyche. Klein’s work has been exhibited nationally, in galleries and museums. She lives and works in the San Francisco Bay area.